Business Leadership


Together with his wife Loretta Doodeman Downey, Ed founded two companies. In 1969, they founded Ladycom a magazine for wives of servicemen. The name was a portmanteau for Lady+Communications.


Loretta Downey posed on an early magazine cover with step-daughters Lisa and Lynda in 1969.


Edward Downey in the early days of the company, when it was located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, circa 1975.

After years of hard work, the company became a success.


Ed and Loretta relocated the company to Washington, DC to be closer to key military commands, a move that sparked significant growth of the magazine. Recognizing changing demographics, the magazine changed its name to Military Lifestyle and broadened its mission to serving military families, not just wives.


By the 1990’s was carrying dozens of pages of advertising.





In 1985, Ed and Loretta launched Empower IT to analyze sales trends in the military market. They sold the company to IRI in 2015.